Interesting Links

On overview of links that might be of interest.   At Ease Facebook page Sometimes all we need and have time for is a quick read.  Therefore I have set up an At Ease Facebook page. Please go have a look, like and follow! The Tiny Buddha blog Need some more help to get inspired?Continue reading “Interesting Links”


Philosophy A blog that makes you feel at ease with your body and mind; at ease with your day-to-day life – a page that combines ideas, thoughts and information about Yoga, Fitness, Wellbeing and more. Mission Statement To be At Ease – a mix of ingredients to feel content, relaxed and happy about yourself! Let’s enter the world ofContinue reading “About”

Food for Thought

Some years back I started weekly emails that I called ‘Food for Thought’ for my Yoga participants. The email could be something purely Yoga or Fitness related or something random that might help my participants in certain situations or even just something to make them smile or to inspire. Anything that comes to my mindContinue reading “Food for Thought”

World of Recipes

Welcome to the world of recipes! Ok, still in the starting level but we will get there – a page of mixed, fairly easy and quick recipes from across the world. Everything to make breakfast / lunch / dinner times easy, fun and healthy(-ish). A page of inspiration to make home-cooked meals put you ‘at ease’ . Whereas I do considerContinue reading “World of Recipes”