Help to Fight Obesity

Today a different “Food for Thought” as I will refer you to a petition from Jamie Oliver where he asks for help to fight for Food Education in schools. One might think on or the other way about Jamie Oliver but what I like a lot about him is his passion on food education. Obesity isContinue reading “Help to Fight Obesity”

Agree to Disagree

  Accept that another person can have different opinions, feelings or emotions. Don’t criticise or even demean someone else for thinking different. Desperately trying to change or to insult the other one won’t achieve anything – well, it might achieve that this person stands stronger and taller!  

Getting started…

How often is it that we plan or intend to start or finalize something, but we do not move into the right direction. How often is it that something gets in between that holds us back? How often is it that we allow to let something come up that won’t let us start? How often is itContinue reading “Getting started…”

Food for Thought

Some years back I started weekly emails that I called ‘Food for Thought’ for my Yoga participants. The email could be something purely Yoga or Fitness related or something random that might help my participants in certain situations or even just something to make them smile or to inspire. Anything that comes to my mindContinue reading “Food for Thought”