Finding Your Ease


Yoga is for everyone and every body!

Finding our sense of ease has been challenging this past year, to say the least, would you agree?
So let’s come together and change that!

Yoga can increase our self awareness and make us stronger, in both body and mind. All helping us to gain this sense of ease.

I love working with yoga beginners and even yoga doubters and I offer small private Yoga sessions, currently online only.

The classes I teach are active, with an open and light atmosphere.
All classes include a focus on awareness of breath, sun salutations, core work and a mix of Asanas in either flow or individual poses. Each class closes with a short relaxation/meditation part.

During my face to face classes I closed the session with a light facial massage a cup of tea to slowly ease back into the rest of the day…Seeing that this is not possible anymore I still like to connect with my participants after the class. So please feel free to stay online with a hot cup of tea from our own house.

Yoga Details 

  • Even if online – I like to keep the numbers small to give personalised attention
  • Class timing upon request
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • You don’t need a to of space as long as your mat fits and you still have a bit of space to reach out left and right
  • Facial massage and a cup of tea at the end of the class (currently not available to offer)
  • Face to face catch up with a cup of tea from your home if you like
  • Life sessions, no recordings

To find out more  contact me!