Hello and Welcome

I'm here to support you in finding  your ease – wherever you are!

I’m Ann-Katrin and as a Wellbeing Guide I often work with  expats and women experiencing change. Life can feel overwhelming and challenging at times. With my unique approach combining self-reflection and connection with others in similar situations, I can assist you in finding strength for those in-between moments of life.

Does any of this sound familiar:

 At times it all just feels overwhelming, you feel a bit “off”, unbalanced,  and that spinning mind just won’t stop. You seek for that sense of ease in life but don’t know what or where to start.

How can I help you?

When it comes to you, there is no cookie-cutter solution; you are unique. Through my guidance, we’ll improve your overall wellbeing while also strengthening your emotional core. We will look at  ways to make lasting positive changes so that you will feel stronger in mind, body and soul. 

With seven countries under my belt and a lifetime of expats experience, I understand the highs and lows that can come from living overseas and changes in general. 

We should not have to struggle alone! That’s why it’s so important to me to connect with others who feel a bit lost in it all. By sharing our stories, we gain a different perspective that can empower positive changes for our wellbeing.

I provide (not only) expats the tools to cope with their struggles by giving support, strategies and resources when it comes to the challenges of life or abroad.  

Together, we can bring fresh insights. At times, I love as well to get together to share our stories in small groups with women with similar challenges and experiences. Together we are stronger!


How we will work together

My approach is a 360-degree one that looks at all areas of your life, such as mindset, purpose, relationships and physical fitness and more. I am a Holistic Wellness Coach and certified Points of You® Expert. I combine coaching with the innovative Points of You® tools to guide my clients through their journey of reflection and self-discovery. With me you can book an individual 90-minute session either online or face-to-face, or join a small group workshop with others in similar situations who can share their experiences.

For those living in the Miami area, I also offer small group yoga classes and outdoor fitness sessions, with a focus on beginners or those who want to get started to get active again. 

Let's come together and find a way that fits you to feel stronger
- physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a Wellbeing Guide and Points of You® Practitioner, I support you in bringing a sense of ease into your life. We can connect – online and face to face – for Points of You® sessions, coaching and/or meditation. Locally (in Muscat), I offer private, small group Yoga and outdoor fitness classes.

Hi, I’m Ann-Katrin, and over the past 18 years, I lived abroad, returned to my home country and moved again. I moved alone, with my husband, with babies who by now are big kids (2 of them are teens). So far, Antwerp, Singapore, Cairo, Essen, Tokyo and currently Muscat are places that I called home.

And, same as you, I’m not immune to feeling lost, overwhelmed or drained, or just “off”. So, yes, over the years, I lost my ease at times too, but I always found it again.

~ Ann-Katrin ~

Some of my certifications and programs...

Let’s come together

occupational wellness

By joining me on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, you’ll get the support you need and the confidence required to achieve a life of greater balance and ease.

Are your body, mind and soul ready for a reset?

And I invite you to download Finding Ease Toolbox right here. It’s for free, and it will guide you to tap into your personal wellbeing with joy and lightness by connecting to your senses! 

“Life can feel like a crazy rollercoaster ride and push us off balance. But let's get together to find ways to enjoy the ride!"