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AKLooking for ways to feel more at ease? 

Want that spinning mind of yours to stop?
Want to feel stronger in body and mind?
Have the desire to feel more grounded and connected?
Feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed overall?


As a Wellbeing Guide, I support you in bringing a sense of ease into your life. We can connect – online – for Coaching and/or Yoga,  Meditation and outdoor fitness classes (locally and only once Covid is a bit more under control)).

The days are hard when we struggle, but know that you don’t have to do this alone. Let’s come together and find a way that fits you to feel stronger and more grounded – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Hi, I’m Ann-Katrin and over the past 15 years, I lived abroad, returned to my home country and moved again. I moved alone, with my husband, with babies and meanwhile with three kids/pre-teens. Antwerp, Singapore, Cairo, Essen, Tokyo and currently Muscat are places I called home.

And same like you, I’m not immune to feeling lost, overwhelmed. At times we don’t feel connected, can’t get that spinning mind to stop or have this feeling of neither being here nor there. And this past year, with the pandemic, it didn’t make it easier on all of us, did it?

So, yes over the years I lost my ease at times too, but I always found it again. And I’m here now, to help you find your ease – wherever you are,

~ Ann-Katrin ~

“Life can feel like a rollercoaster ride, pushing us of balance, leaving us spinning. But you don’t have to take the ride alone!”

I really had a bad time after my bike accident in Ladakh. Anna was great in helping me with improving my yoga postures and get me fit and healthy.

Jamshid Nalakath

Ann-katrin was my yoga teacher pre-coaching, so I already trusted her when I needed guidance to make some life decisions following an illness. She was insightful and supportive, and created an atmosphere without pressure to go too deep, providing the opportunities and direction for me to open up and decide my path.

C, Tokyo