Overview of upcoming and held workshops

Upcoming Workshops

In this live session, Quique TorresAnn-Katrin van SchieYvonne Dalorto invite you to “Celebrate You”. They will be sharing their insights – What it means to be kinder, more gentle, to ourselves, may that be in the way we talk, self-reflect or feel. A whole approach for your Mind, Body and Heart. 

Balancing Parenting 28th June 5pm CET zoom workshop
In collaboration
The Pathways Coaching

Past workshops
( Face to Face and zoom events)

(Peri))Menopause workshop in collaboration with
The Pathways Coaching
Yvonne Dalorto
Points of You® workshop to explore your Potential
Points of You® workshop for parents at school
Teambuilding session as volunteer
Supporting the School’s PTA with Points of You® workshop focusing on Change
Finding your Ease workshop, using Points of You® tools
Beach workouts and wellbeing workshop with Points of You® cards
in collaboration with
Coach Steph
Company presentation for DB Schenker AG on wellbeing at the workplace (online)
Meditation sessions via zoom for parents at school during Pandemic