Finding Your Ease

Taking the right steps towards your inner and outer growth is the key to ease and satisfaction...

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Upcoming Workshop for 2023

Past workshops 
(Face to Face & Zoom Events)

A private, personalised weekend workshop reflecting on your wellbeing.

What is well-being – direct and indirect wellbeing areas. How to do you look at your wellbeing. Where do you want to improve, How and what next steps can you take to improve your wellbeing?

In collaboration with the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). The end of the year tends to be busy, hectic and at times overwhelming, so this will be in nice opportunity, to pause, reflect so that we step into the new year with ease and flow.
++ Please contact me in case you would like to know more about my past workshops or are interested in a collaboration! ++

A 2 days (morning) workshop face to face in Muscat, Oman that invites you break patterns and to step into 2023 with a new perspective.
This workshop is following the Points of You® process. Face to Face in Muscat.

In collaboration with The Pathways Coaching and El Albergue del Alma This is an all round experience to understand and take the pressure of goal setting, learn more about what has direct and indirect impact on our wellbeing, and how to deeper connect to the language we use.

This was a live session on the Points of You® Tribe platform, with  Quique Torres, me (Ann-Katrin van Schie), Yvonne Dalorto  to “Celebrate You”. We shared insights – What it means to be kinder, more gentle to ourselves, may that be in the way we talk, self-reflect or feel. A whole approach for your Mind, Body and Soul. 

Discover the potential within you!
A Points of You workshop structure.

Balancing Parenting zoom workshop In collaboration with
The Pathways Coaching

(Peri))Menopause workshop in collaboration with The Pathways Coaching Yvonne Dalorto

Points of You® workshop to explore your Potential

Points of You® workshop for Parents at School

Teambuilding session as volunteer

Supporting the School’s PTA with Points of You® workshop focusing on Change

Finding your Ease workshop, using Points of You® tools

Beach workouts and wellbeing workshop with Points of You® cards

Connect Yourself – in collaboration with
Coach Steph

Company presentation for DB Schenker AG on wellbeing at the workplace (online)

Meditation sessions via zoom for parents at school during Pandemic

I invite you to download Finding Ease Toolbox right here. It’s for free, and it will guide you to tap into your personal wellbeing with joy and lightness by connecting to your senses! 

“Life can feel like a crazy rollercoaster ride and push us off balance."