Moving, change and adjustment are part of my life.

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I’ve been on both sides, living abroad and returning home. At the end, I moved again. While I do love to move around I’m aware that the challenges that come with it will always be there. But I’ve found ways to feel less exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Hi, I’m Ann-Katrin van Schie and I’m a Holistic Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor who works with women to gain a better, overall wellbeing when living abroad. My clients have often lost their sense of belonging, feel lonely and overwhelmed by all the adjustments, or feel misunderstood. I work with them to get clear on the areas that wear them down so they can find ways to adjust and feel at ease again.

For the past fifteen years, I’ve called Belgium, Singapore, Egypt and Japan home. I moved alone, with my husband, with little babies and meanwhile with three kids.

I worked abroad, I resigned to venture a different path, at times I felt lost. We had good, stable times and unsettling times. We faced unexpected repatriation due to a job loss.

It can easily happen that we lose ourselves.

I had times when I doubted the validity of my experience, my thoughts, feelings, and ultimately, myself. I was judged by the way I lived my life, misunderstood and criticized as if my life wasn’t real.

We may live in a different country but the life, our struggles, concerns and worries are all real, it is not as easy and spoiled as others may think.

Making friendships, building new connections, finding your space is not always an easy task. Sometimes you connect quickly and easily, at other times…not really. And people around me always seemed to have it all together, so confident and strong…But do they really, or do others around me hide behind a façade, just like me?

I do find that this life abroad is filled with excitement and joy, and I do enjoy it but it does come with a big portion of worries, fears, concerns and uncountable hellos and goodbyes.

It may have taken some time but after all the years I knew I wanted to be of help to others in similar situations, to support their well-being while living abroad. I’ve found my way to deal with the ups downs to truly enjoy this way of living. And now I am thankful for the opportunities I have to make a difference in my clients’ lives.

If you see yourself in here somewhere, are struggling or are feeling overwhelmed then let’s work together to get a sense of ease back into YOUR life!

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