Finding Your Ease

‘A connection is a relationship between two things, people or groups’ [britannica]. It sounds so simple,...
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Fake it
Fake it til you…no more!
I recently met with a friend, and she asked me how I am. Leading me to share how done and exhausted I...
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zooming in
2023 - Zooming In
Last year’s guidance was “connection”, and looking back – yes, it was such a...
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Connection-with others, to myself and the country I live in. Sometimes that means we need to connect...
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Do we hear or are we listening?
Do we hear or are we listening? Hearing – it’s what we do naturally, often without having to...
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back to normal
“Getting back to normal” - is that really the goal?
Ok, here it is. This “getting back to normal” saying is doing something to me. I know I might overthink...
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Simplify - it's not that simple, is it?
Ok, I’m almost laughing as I write. And this whole process of writing this blog post just shows me again...
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Advent Calendar
From me to you...
Dear readers, A bit delayed but from the heart – my virtual advent calendar  for you. What a year...
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It’s time for adapting
It’s time for adapting… 
As the days go on a lot of us feel the additional tiredness creeping in. Partly, it’s due to nearing...
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chapter one summer 2020
End of Chapter One
Wow I can’t believe it’s done. We reached the end of chapter one! Our first year in Oman is not quite...
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broken pieces
Broken pieces
The Japanese practise the art of fixing broken objects. They say that things that break don’t necessarily...
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cabbage curry
Cabbage Curry
It took a while but by now, I learned to love the cabbage the has been a part of our regular veggie box. Yes,...
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bravery courage
Bravery vs courage vs confidence
Over the past weeks I’ve been talking about characters strengths, taking a character survey (*),...
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Words - yet nothing to write
Do you have these moments that you really do want to write but don’t find a way to put all that’s...
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turkish bread
Turkish Bread - quick and easy
It’s been quiet here on my blog as I tried to get to terms and find a rhythm in the days. I’m still not...
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Grateful moments don't just happen
Last week I went for a run. It was my birthday and I wanted to have some time just for myself. And a...
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power of masterminding
The power of Masterminding
These past weeks I get my energy from connecting in a different way. I mentioned already a bit on my...
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Winter- or moving-blues?
Winter-or moving-blues? I’m tired at times to read and hear and be told about all the things we...
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Tabbouleh recipe
Want to add something green to the dinner table? I started to mix up a bowl of Tabbouleh now and then....
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It was the time of the year again when I led my mind wander, to see what it brings to me in regards to...
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bread rolls
Super easy weekend bread rolls
Are you tired by store-bought bread? Then I invite you to try these super easy quick weekend bread rolls! A...
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5 top reflections on my 2019 intention 
As some of you might know, I’ve been setting yearly intentions for quite a while now. Not just...
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mental detox
More than just a book review on “The Perfection Detox” 
Those who follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram know what the previous weeks have been like. Kind of...
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Anticipation instead of Expectations
We are into our 8th week of the move and it has been an interesting personal journey with a lot of positive...
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one pot dish
When you only have one pot to cook - Porcupine Meatballs 
With every move, we need to bridge a few weeks in a temporary apartment until we find a new home and...
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We moved… again…a review
My blog has been a bit quiet over the summer but life wasn’t quiet at all. Why? Because we only got our...
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Visualisation for relaxation
Relaxation is a process that leaves the body and mind relaxed and calm, yet focused. There are many different...
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sun salutation header
Mindful Sun Salutation
Being in the midst of the (long) summer vacation and other life happenings mean that I have little time...
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being at ease
Why "at ease"?
Today I want to share a bit why I chose “at ease” and what it means to me. It’s more than just a name....
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It’s not always easy to be authentic, or? 
A lot is being said about how we should be authentic, true to ourselves. But there are times I struggle...
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strawberry muffins
Summerly Strawberry Muffins
It’s always nice when the kids inspire you to try something new. A while ago my youngest came home, telling...
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power of breath
Oh the power of breath!
Hi there, let’s take a moment and think of how we breathe. Deep, conscious but relaxed breathing...
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zen garden
What does "Zen" mean to you?
I had this great thought to write about Zen, and what it means to me, and to find out what it means to...
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