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Mindful Sun Salutation

Being in the midst of the (long) summer vacation and other life happenings mean that I have little time for myself. Add to that a rainy season in the big city and three kids at home – most of their friends gone – and you might be able to imagine how my days go at the moment. But tell me, how are you holding up where you are?

While I got a bit lost the previous years, I’m not losing myself this time around! It’s busy, at times crazy, yes but I’m still doing sports (less, but still…) and I take my moments to `simply be` throughout my day. Moments to breathe, to connect to what I find around me.

And since me-time is short and rare these days there are times when I combine the one with the other. Like combining a few rounds of Sun Salutation with Mindfulness. There are days when I love to play around with the Sun Salutation and link my thoughts, feelings and emotions to it. And while a Sun Salutation never fails to ground and energize me by itself, the connection to mindfulness-thoughts seems to empower me these days. It’s uplifting and grounding in a different way.

On other days I simply let the flow of the movement wash over me. I lose myself in it, breathe and move, breathe and move. And I noticed that two years ago I connected it to the flow of life. Funny how this sun salutation sticks with me over the years. Curious how I do this time around? This is my current mindfulness-thought-sun-salutation-flow:

mindful sun salutation

But you know what, it all started because of sleep troubles the past weeks. And instead of counting sheep in the middle of the night I started to visualize the Sun Salutation. I visualized the movements and connected to the easy yet deep flow of breathing. And I have to admit I rather quickly manage to get back to sleep these days. It’s still my nightly go-to.

Do you have sleep issues,  perhaps such a visualization works for you too!?

And as said, life is pretty busy and a tad crazy these days/weeks, therefore, you might find some shorter posts like these now and then. But it’s all about going with the flow, staying connected, no? And that means sometimes some adjustments need to be made.

I hope you feel the flow, wherever you are,


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