Finding Your Ease

Work with me and find your ease!

While I love to move countries and continents, I'm aware of the challenges that seem to come along with any move and when living abroad - physically, mentally and emotionally.  

We all faced, and are still facing, a lot of changes and adjustments even with the pandemic slowing down. So much has and is still happening, we need to stay flexible. And, we are all individuals and face different personal challenges. 

Therefore, to me, there is no cookie cutter solution when it comes to finding your own sense of ease in life.

So, instead of having a fixed offer at the current stage, I invite you to contact me, so that we can get together to find out what you need, right now, to feel more at ease.

You can contact me here and I’m looking forward to hearing from you,



I invite you to download Finding Ease Toolbox right here. It’s for free, and it will guide you to tap into your personal wellbeing with joy and lightness by connecting to your senses! 

“Life can feel like a crazy rollercoaster ride and push us off balance."