Finding Your Ease

being at ease

Why “at ease”?

Today I want to share a bit why I chose “at ease” and what it means to me. It’s more than just a name. It’s a deep feeling I want to achieve for and within myself and for others around me.

We often hear we should aim for happiness. But for me, it’s the feeling of “being at ease” that I aim for. It goes deeper than happiness I find. It’s more feel, more emotion and awareness in there. What do you think?

The source of this feeling will be different for you and me. We all strive for and crave different things when it comes to happiness, contentment and yes, ease. It can even change by day (if not hour…) for me and it’s influenced by my mood.

I can’t think about ‘being at ease’ and yet still keep my shoulders tense and have a short breath. It’s a phrase that helps to relax into that sweet spot of – yes of what? Of slowing down, taking a step back, observing, being in the moment, letting go, becoming aware…

On some days I get my ease through a tough sweaty workout or a jog. On other days that would overwhelm me – cause unease – and I prefer a gentler approach with a Yoga session and some meditation. Then there are days I look for some company, fun and stimulating conversation with others, compared to days when I crave my own solitude, calmness. There are days when a good meal, chocolate and a glass of wine put me into that spot, while lighter meals, salads and fruits can bring the same feeling on other occasions.

But, disregarding all the different scenarios that can cause this feeling and no matter how you find your ease, they all have the same base.

We have to find our own ease – wherever we are. And with ‘wherever’ I don’t mean only physically, where we might be located but as well mentally, emotionally. We need to find ease in what is around and within us!

These days it’s all about finding my balance! The (looooong) holidays just started and the kids and I still adjust while we are staying in the big city. Therefore finding my own ease the next weeks will be a bit different. It will be important to enjoy the time with the kids but as well to make sure that I have “me-time”. To create some uninterrupted time to be able to stay focused on my business. And to find time to connect with my husband and friends.

I haven’t worked it all out yet but it will come I’m sure. Until then, when I notice that I lose my ease breathing and grounding are my go-to. After all “ease” is a state of mind and our mindset is always influenced by our life. Life has its hectic, messy and stressy times. We all know it. But coming back to one’s own feeling of being at ease is – to me – crucial. No matter what life brings or where it takes me. And no matter how long that moment may last. Even just a minute here and there over a hectic day does help.

Having said that, “being at ease” in this stage of my life means to me that I want to feel fit, connected, grounded and inspired. And I want others to find their way(s) to feel at ease. But it’s an ongoing process and how I achieve it on a daily base can change as mentioned above.

Now I’m wondering what comes to your mind when you think about “feeling at ease”? And do you feel at ease where you are right now – in body and mind?

I hope you find your ease – wherever you are,



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