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Simplify – it’s not that simple, is it?

Ok, I’m almost laughing as I write. And this whole process of writing this blog post just shows me again how much I need this.  Yes, my seemingly simple word for 2021 isn’t that simple for me!  What’s my word and intention setting for this year you wonder? It’s simple - Simplify.  Yes, that word… Continue reading Simplify – it’s not that simple, is it?

Advent Calendar
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From me to you…

Dear readers, A bit delayed but from the heart - my virtual advent calendar  for you. What a year this was and still is. We all experienced and dealt with this year differently. Every country had it's own way of dealing with it.  Every family went through it and was / is affected by in different… Continue reading From me to you…

It’s time for adapting
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It’s time for adapting… 

As the days go on a lot of us feel the additional tiredness creeping in. Partly, it’s due to nearing the end of the year. This change of season tiredness. But most likely we feel the Covid19 tiredness even more. Yes, there seems to be a heavy mental shift in the air, no matter where… Continue reading It’s time for adapting… 

chapter one summer 2020
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End of Chapter One

Wow I can’t believe it’s done. We reached the end of chapter one! Our first year in Oman is not quite over yet, since we moved here in August 2019 but our first school year at ABA Oman, and even more significantly, our first 14 weeks of home-learning are officially over today.  14 weeks, 98… Continue reading End of Chapter One

broken pieces
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Broken pieces

The Japanese practise the art of fixing broken objects. They say that things that break don't necessarily become useless. No, instead something that suffered a damage has a history! And by showing the scars it can become (even more) beautiful! Isn't that just a lovely way to look at things? The mending of broken pieces with… Continue reading Broken pieces