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Simplify – it’s not that simple, is it?

Ok, I’m almost laughing as I write. And this whole process of writing this blog post just shows me again how much I need this.  Yes, my seemingly simple word for 2021 isn’t that simple for me!  What’s my word and intention setting for this year you wonder? It’s simple – Simplify.  Yes, that word …

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Have fun and stay fit with a short beep test

Summer holidays started or are about to start. And if you have younger kids you know that means (very) limited time for yourself, let alone sports. Whether with kids, your partner, friends or alone a fun way to keep active and to increase endurance and speed for everybody is the “beep test”. In short a …

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S.T.O.P. practice

We all know those moments when we feel upset, pressured, overwhelmed or uncomfortable. Especially in such situations we tend to become disconnected to what is actually happening around us. Here comes a little awareness exercise I got to know during my mindfulness course. It may come in helpful to be be more “there”, in the present moment, …

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Thoughts – they can be so simple

I recently came across the “flow mindfulness workbook” and one article got my immediate attention, it was about “a busy head” (written by Otje van der Lelij). Going deeper into why we do take everything that we have in our mind so seriously. Do you find yourself imagining the worst case scenario, a situation where …

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Letting go of (summer holiday) expectations

Summer holidays are coming to an end and when talking about them I can’t help but review a little on how they went. I will start with my outcome from this summer experience, my lesson learned so to say: While I strongly do believe that is important to take time for yourself and your things …

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Meditation – don’t let it scare you!

I know some people, and include myself here, who cringe when they hear the word meditation. Hearing that word doesn’t put us at ease, instead, it creates tension. This visual image of sitting in lotus pose or at least crossed legged for a long time. Peacefully, no moving nor thinking! “No way, not for me!” …

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

I wrote about relaxation techniques like Visualisation – Relaxation and IRT – Instant Relaxation Technique. Two very different and powerful tools, and techniques I personally find less daunting and ‘scary’ than meditation. Today, let`s have a look into the Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Edmund Jacobsen. He developed this technique back in the 1920. It is a technique …

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The benefits of being active / doing sports are endless but let me share some of my general thoughts to start with: Helps to             S ocialize Gives                 P ower Helps to fight     O besity Helps to             R elax and releases      T ension and makes you   S mile! All good reasons to keep on or …

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