When it comes to stretching I think most of us will agree that stretching the body comes to mind, or? But I find it’s equally important to stretch our mind. Therefore I’ll have a quick look at what stretching can do for both. Let’s have a look at the body first. Sadly a “good stretch” isContinue reading “S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G”

The summer holidays buzz

Would you agree that summertime and Christmas are special times? There is certain buzz in both of them as both are filled with fun, joy and excitement. But they can as well bring tension, stress and exhaustion. For those living far away from family, summer holidays often mean going home or having family visiting. AndContinue reading “The summer holidays buzz”


Welcome NO-vember! No November blues this year! As we are coming towards the end of the year we more often than not start to feel worn out, exhausted and `off`. Well, at least I assume I am not alone out there feeling like that?! The past weeks have been dragging as I seem to haveContinue reading “No-vember”

The energising breath

Often, and especially at Yoga, we talk about breathing patterns to calm us down, to help us to relax, to unwind. But we can use the breath to engerize, too. I tend to use it at times when I feel tired after a bad night sleep, struggling with jet lag or when I feel exhaustedContinue reading “The energising breath”