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Stay hydrated



With temperatures rising it is even more important to stay hydrated! And while water is the best and easiest source of liquid, at times we may get tired of it and crave a different flavour. Don’t fear to spice it up with some fruits or vegetables or a mix of both! Add some lemon, lime, mint, cucumbers, melon slices, coconut water etc !

But not only liquids help to keep us hydrated, fruits and vegetables can play a big part, too. See blow picture for fruits and vegetables with a high water content and add them to the daily snack list!

And when you are out and about in the heat, make sure to always have some water with you, and try not to rush! Plan enough time to reach your destination! And, please try to avoid buying bottled water; when at home fill up a sports bottled and carry that one around!

Do not just drink when you feel thirsty or worse dizzy and exhausted. Keep sipping on non sugary, caffein-free and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day!

Last but not least, if you have kids, help them to understand the importance of staying hydrated!

Keep safe – stay hydrated! After all, we all want to enjoy the summer days!

If you have a great drink that helps you to stay hydrated feel free to share it with me, I am always on the lookout for new easy to make ice teas!





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