Intention setting

Do you like the question “What are your goals for the New Year?” No? Well, you’re in good company, me neither. I prefer and connect more to an intention setting process.  I like to take time to reflect on the year that passed and play around with ideas, wishes and hopes for the year toContinue reading “Intention setting”

Overthinking ?!

Funny how a skatepark brought connections to real-life situations. I was watching my kids cruising around, challenging themselves and I could notice when the overthinking started and what it did to them at that moment. The moment when they took too long when they started to analyse any possible outcome, losing their easiness. One could seeContinue reading “Overthinking ?!”

Season’s Greetings

Before everybody gets too caught up in the December craziness a quick greeting to you all!  


Often we define loneliness by a certain kind of sadness for being alone, caused by lack of company. But there is another kind of loneliness that seems to spread more and more. The loneliness you experience while being (with)in company. Feeling lonely while being surrounded by people, how can that be? Sadly, it is moreContinue reading “Loneliness”