Finding Your Ease

Letting go of (summer holiday) expectations

Summer holidays are coming to an end and when talking about them I can’t help but review a little on how they went.

I will start with my outcome from this summer experience, my lesson learned so to say:

While I strongly do believe that is important to take time for yourself and your things it is equally important to realise and acknowledge when the time is just not right. This is as well a way of being mindful on what is going on and accepting it.

Realise it, take notice but then let it go, at times it can simply not be changed!



I remember thinking and planning what I wanted to accomplish during those eight weeks I faced ahead of me with all three kids at home. How I wanted to take time for continuous updates on my blog, sports, reviewing my language course, online studies and sorting the home. No stress, every day a little bit. Ha-ha-ha… and while I should be shocked and frustrated by how little I accomplished I do surprisingly feel very much at ease with it.

This summer, instead of stressing myself on focusing and squeezing in ‘my things’ I changed my mindset early on. I decided that it will be easier to let go of the expectations and see where the day leads me. Instead of being torn between my stuff and the kids, to rather use the right timing to work on my plans.

And looking back now, it was a great summer. The kids are still young enough not to be `too cool` to hang out with their mum and we kept ourselves active and busy and they even challenged me with new experiences (“Come on mum, we make a skater mum out of you, you can do it.”).

If I would have sticked to my plans I would have felt frustration rising up, tension would have been there, it would have left me stressed out and most likely the kids would have gotten the better part of my un-satisfaction. And at the end we all would have missed out on some fun stuff.

I am not saying that it was always easy to put my expectations second this summer, and I am kind of excited for the school term to start again but it was a good lesson learned and looking back the right way to do.

Letting go of expectation and turning it into appreciation! (by Anthony Robbins)

I hope you all had a lovely summer, with family and friends,

Have a nice day













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