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Wings and roots

We are coming towards the end of summer and often changes come along, too. Children may start new schools, leave their home for studies, start working; this all may be close to home, further away or even overseas.

Some brush such changes off easily, are joyful and excited, others may be a little bit more fearful and worried. Either way, it is a step children – and parents – eventually will have to face.

My kids are younger and I have more years ahead until I face that situation. Nevertheless, seeing and experiences the ‘big step’ via friends and, despite being young, seeing the independence grow in my own children makes me halt and think at times.

Part of the below saying come to my mind and I recently found it extended in such a fitting way, that I decided to share this here.

To all out there facing new beginnings:

“Together we may give our children the roots to grow and the wings to fly…
…but it may be a bittersweet feeling to watch them soar for the very first time.”
(~anonymous~ and ~Susan Gate~)

As for me, my kids still have to say,


and I will embrace it and do my best part to give them roots despite moving around a lot, and wings to remain curious and open-hearted. But the time to let them fly will come sooner then I may make myself believe!

Have a lovely day,








2 thoughts on “Wings and roots”

  1. This one struck a major artery for me. I am very close to this stage even if i try hard not to think of the time. So today i will marvel in the brilliant GCSE results My first born brought home. 8As and 2Cs. I am a very proud mama bear.

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