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Go, go, go?!

I admit right from the start that I have not tried the game but the sheer thought of what is behind the new hype of “Pokemon Go” almost infuriates me. And I may be alone here, but that is ok!


Aren’t most of us complaining about too much attention and time spend on electronic devices? And getting fed up with people walking while reading, writing and looking at them? Of people not paying attention of what and who is around them? Of people losing the ability to ‘just be’? Of people loosing awareness?

And now this game comes along and people even say it is a great game as it gets people out the of the house, gets them to explore new neighbourhoods and can help to meet others?

For real? Isn’t that just sad?
What became of our society that we need an electronic game to get outside? A game, that forces one to use the devices even more. A game, that takes us away from what really happens around  us?

Come on people, tug the phones away!
Go out with open eyes!
Look at and explore what really happens around you and not on a screen!
The world can really be exciting as well, or especially, without electronic gimmicks!

Go out – open minded, with an open heart and find joy, fun and action in real life! It will be so much more rewarding!

Not sure if others will agree, but getting this of my chest puts me at ease for today.

Have a lovely day,


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