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p..p…poached egg

A few weeks ago I was out for brunch and noticed how often poached eggs are on the menu and how nice they can be! I remember it back to the time when I worked in a hotel in the UK as a teenager but somehow never got into it. At the same time friends started talking and posting about poached eggs. And while ‘poached’ always scared me a bit I finally took the challenge and tried them myself – and it is not as scary as it seems! But you can’t rush it and make sure to have a good ‘whirl’ otherwise it may end up not looking appealing at all.

I love the change to the standard fried, boiled and scrambled version – a nice, quick and kind of fancy looking light summer lunch!

Poached Egg

Pour cold water into a larger pot, make sure it is at least half -3/4 full. Add a dash of vinegar. Then bring the water and vinegar to the boil, make sure it boils well, water should be simmering around the edge, then reduce heat to low.

While waiting for the water to boil crack 1 egg into a small bowl.

Once the water boils, reduce it to lower heat, use a wooden spoon and stir the water to create a ‘whirlpool’. Tip the egg gently but not too slow into the ‘whirlpool’-water. (*)

Depending on how you like your eggs, cook for 2-3 minutes for a soft yolk or  4-6 minutes for firmer, or to your liking. Remove the eggs carefully from the water with a spoon, if you have use a slotted one.

Serve on toast, with salt and pepper. If you want add some grated cheese on top!

Indulge, and enjoy this quick easy, healthy snack!



(*They often seem to say to only poach one egg at the time but it seems to work with two, too – obviously adding them separately into the water. Just be a bit cautious when creating the second whirl!)


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