Finding Your Ease

The buzzword – mindful

At the moment “mindful” seems to be one of the buzzwords and a lot of truth lies behind this simple word. Especially in today’s environment, when everything and everybody is rushed and multitasked and nothing seems to be good enough. It is important to halt, to breathe, to be aware, to allow to feel both negative and positive, and to let thoughts just fly by.


Reading and talking about mindfulness makes you realise that a lot of us already use a mindful approach, without putting a stamp or name to it – if not everyday and least now and then, isn’t that great! It’s not all new and with a little bit of help and awareness we may be able to incorporate mindfulness even more and just naturally into our day to day life, because it is worthwhile for us and the people dear to us! After all it is being said that it helps to improve the overall wellbeing and the physical and mental health.

By time I will go deeper into the mindfulness but for today I will leave you with my initial thoughts that come into my mind when thinking about being mindful! Just to make you aware and hopefully as well interested and curious what lies behind this simple word!


Have a lovely day,
stay at ease,











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