Finding Your Ease

“Slow-mo” moments


Do you find yourself rushing through the day, the week, the weekends. Only to sit back in the evening asking where the day, the week or the month went and what you actually did?

We often just go and rush from one big thing to the next, trying to accomplish as much as we can during the day, overlooking the small things. Yet often it is the small that matters most!

My kids recently started to play around with the “slow-mo” movie on my phone.(*) While it is less flattering to see myself doing a cartwheel in slow motion (do I really look like that when both legs are in the air?!) it is a fun way to play around and to observe what really does happen around you at times!

Today we have a rainy day and I went out for a walk with my 8 year old daughter. Instead of bemoaning the weather we walked through the park.
We listened to and observed the different sounds the raindrops make.
We watched them dripping from the leaves and onto the ground.
We cuddled up under the umbrella, listening the different sound the drops make when we stand under a tree or in an open area.
We took time to observe the different shapes when the raindrops fall into the puddles.

And while it is no fun to get wet when you walk to a place, it doesn`t matter when you walk back home, does it? So, on the way home we tugged our umbrellas back in and let the rain fall onto our face, keeping the eyes wide open, observing how fast the rain drops down from the sky!

A slow motion video – a fun way to film things. But as well a good reminder to slow down now and then. To take time to really observe the life around you in “slow-mo”!

Have a lovely day,


(*) due to my wordpress settings I can`t upload the video here but you can watch it on my At Ease facebook page if you like

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