Finding Your Ease

Sunshine and Anchor


I used to think that mindfulness was meant to focus more on the happier moments in life, so it was enlightening to realise that that is not what mindfulness is really about.

Like the the rays of the sun does mindfulness shine and spread equally onto all areas of life, the positive, the neutral and the negative. It is not about judging or changing our feelings, emotions, sensations but to ‘simply notice’ them. To train the mind on an equal awareness on whatever we may feel exposed to in that moment; and to allow ourselves to feel that way!

Perhaps we can compare it like training muscles during sports
Mindfulness trains the “muscles of awareness, of the present” –
in a non judgemental way.

And for me a focus on the breathing can help especially during tougher moments. The breath can be seen as an anchor to support us to come back to the present moment. Similar like the boat anchor! The boat can float around, stand still in calm waters, can be pushed around in stormy weather yet the anchor takes the boat back to its place. We can train our breath to help us the same way, to embrace the good and happy moments and to still be able to feel anchored and save when we face stormy situations.

Stay at ease and aware

Have a lovely day


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