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Pasta with creamy sauce and mint



This is a nice,light, sunny weather dish. Super quick, super easy – super tasty! Just what you need to enjoy the spring  / summer weather – no stress!

The recipe is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe – Mini Shell Pasta with a creamy smoked Bacon and Pea Sauce.

Up front – I struggle to find Creme Fraiche where I live so I tend to replace it with Pantry Cream. Not the same but it works. Also, I use different pasta but I try to stick to smaller shapes, it somehow fits better. Lastly, depending on my mood I leave the bacon and have a light vegetarian dish instead.

Here we go now, based on the official recipe, serves 4-6 people.


10 slices smoked bacon
a small bunch of fresh mint
150gr Parmesan cheese
sea salt and ground black pepper
400gr dried mini shell or other type of pasta
olive oil
a knob of butter
300gr frozen peas
2 heaped desert spoons of Creme Fraiche
1 lemon

  • finely slice the bacon (or go without it)
  • pick the mint leaves, discard the stalks
  • finely grate the Parmesan
  • boil your pasta according to instructions
  • in a large frying pan adda good lug of olive oil and the butter on medium heat
  • add the bacon
  • finely chop the mint leaves
  • as soon as the bacon is golden, add the frozen peas and give the pan a good shake
  • after roughly a minute add the creme fraiche
  • add the chopped mint leaves to the bacon and peas
  • when pasta is ready cooked, drain the pasta and reserve some cooking water
  • add the pasta to the frying pan
  • halve the lemon and squeeze the juice over the pasta
  • when all is bubbling away remove the pan from the heat
  • the sauce should be creamy, silky (less so if you use the pantry cream), if you find it too thick add a bit of the reserved cooking water to thin it out
  • add the grated parmesan and mix slightly
  • add salt and pepper to your liking.

That`s all – now dig in and enjoy!

Have a lovely day, stay at ease,








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