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The beauty of inspiration

FullSizeRenderIn one of my recent quick post on my At Ease Facebook page I asked you to go out and get inspired. I now want to go a bit deeper, what can inspiration give us and where and how can we get inspired? Let’s have a look into a few aspects for both areas:

Inspiration will give you the chance to go beyond your ordinary experiences.
Inspiration may help you to develop and stretch your capabilities.
Inspiration can awaken creativity in many areas.
Inspiration can increase your energy and leave you with a positive feeling.
Inspiration may connect you to other like minded people, increase the community.
Inspiration gives motivation.

“The heights of human motivation spring from beauty and goodness that precede us and awaken us to better possibilities” (Psychologists Trash and Elliot).

Now if that is not a good reason to get inspired, what do you think? But where can we look for inspiration, to some of us it does not come natural.

I admit, I do frequently lack inspiration and at times it frustrates me. But over time I learned. By now when I become aware of it I change my mindset and look for inspiration in various areas.

I can find inspiration by

  • Using a different route to walk or run – walk with open eyes and really look!
  • Discover a new area in the city – what is different here?
  • An interesting or just a good read – can I dig deeper into a subject?
  • While cooking – can I use similar ingredients for a different meal?
  • Try out something new – a different creative- or sports activity!
  • Listening to relaxing music – slow down and observe the body, mind and breath!
  • People watching!
  • Talking to others!
  • Observing kids – they are so imaginary, how nice if we could take this into adulthood. Unfortunately we more then often don’t but we can let us get inspired by kids!
  • Visit a museum, art gallery etc.

What counts for it all is – to be in the moment! Observe, feel and just let it flow and see where it leads you!

Now, please do to not stress if looking for inspiration does not happen straight away! It will come eventually, often on days you expect it the least. So take it slow and let it happen, and once you start to find a way to get inspired you may find inspiration in various other areas, too and notice that it can put you at ease!

Have a lovely day,

I and please feel free to share where and how you find inspiration!


Looking for more areas on where to find inspiration? Have a look at the Tiny Buddha blog!










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