Finding Your Ease

Instant Relaxation Technique


In the ideal world we do have enough time and the space to relax, unwind and recharge our body and mind in length of time. Unfortunately we rarely have and take this time. Thankfully a `quick fix`  like an instant relaxation will give us an energy boost, release stress and tension and help us to refocus.

This below technique will only take you about 2 minutes, you may want to repeat it once or twice if you can to deepen the experience.

Ideally you lie down to deepen the relaxation but as well that is not always possible, thankfully sitting and even standing is an option  for this type of relaxation, too!

You kind of do a very quick body scan and tighten all muscles along the way, starting with the toes all the way up to the crown of your head.

To start of

  • Join the legs, heels and toes together, hands slightly away from the sides of the body – when lying down.
  • If you sit or stand make yourself comfortable.

While taking in a deep breath in you immediately start to

  • Tighten and squeeze the toes
  • Tighten the ankle joints, calf muscles and pull up the knee caps.
  • Tighten the thigh muscles, squeeze the buttock muscles.

The legs are all tightened now, go directly further and tighten the upper body

  • Exhale and contract the abdomen in.

With your next deep inhalation

  • Make fists, tighten the wrist joints, forearm, elbow joints and the biceps and triceps.
  • Inhale and expand the chest region.
  • Tighten the shoulders, neck muscles and squeeze the facial muscles.

Squeeze and tighten the whole body from the toes to the head really tight then immediately relax the whole body by exhaling deeply through the mouth. Spread out the fingers, realease the arms, legs and toes, release all facial muscles.

  • Relax the whole body slowly with an even and slow breathing through the nose.
 If you want repeat all steps, starting with a deep breath in, if not come back to normal breathing, open your eyes and feel the sensation and new energy boost!
Happy relaxation,
have a loveky day

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