Finding Your Ease

If not you…

if not you

A friend recently mentioned this saying to me. I found that this phrase has been used by many but the origin goes long time back to Rabbi Hillel.

It is so simple and so true – and so universal.

If we are really honest, don’t we often put things of and/or ‘blame’ others or the circumstances for not going through with it or initiating something? But is this really true? Come on, be honest!

Looking at myself, I have an idea in mind, actually it is more than an idea, it is a plan, a little business, and I have been toying around with it for a long time now. Part of the idea was this blog. And I started it, yet I stopped it again because of the kids, the move, the lack of time and ideas, and what ever else. Don’t even ask me for the reason of not starting the rest of the plan.

What am I waiting for? Nobody else but me will make me realise my intentions. And nobody else but me can say “let’s start now!”

Timing is hardly ever perfect, there will always be a reason to postpone, procrastinate, to not even start and try. But it won’t make us happy, by time frustration hits in.

Often we get as well caught up of wanting to make it perfect right from the start, waiting for the perfect moment, wanting to have it all mapped out. But if we are honest, this will most likely never be the case. Things develop over time. So why not just start instead of blocking before even starting?!

And this is not only in regards to a business idea you may have. It counts equally for wanting to start with sports, studies, trying out a new activity, getting creative, reaching out to help others and and and.

Taking action, even tiny steps and with just a little time to spare will make you feel better, more fulfilled. It will give you a boost to go further, thus make you feel more ‘at ease’. 

Stop looking for reasons not to start. Start now, take small steps – it is within you.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Go out, make the first step and feel free to share your experience with me!

Have a lovely day,



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