Finding Your Ease

Who am I?!


Have you ever paid attention to how quickly we are categorizing people based on what they do as a profession, or on their lifestyle? Without any further or deeper thoughts we put a “stamp” on a person. Like “Oh he / she is XYZ that`s why…”

And yes, surprisingly often that person even seems to fit into that category. And more often then not we even seem to make us fit in, even if it does not represent who we really are. But we are not defined by a title or profession or lifestyle! Who we are is within us and that can come in all sorts, shapes and colours in every group.

In the past I found myself saying something like “I am a yoga teacher, I do my own style but I am not really living the Yoga way.” Not only did I put myself down, no I as well created a stigma for a Yoga teacher. And what does that even mean – do all Yogis have to get up at dawn to meditate, be a vegetarian, eat super healthy, look skinny and be super flexible?

No – not at all. I am the kind of Yoga teacher I am. I do not follow a certain scheme, I stay true to myself. But I still have to learn to really own it, to not sound apologetic!

So I found it utterly refreshing that this kind of labelling and hiding “behind our accomplishments, our degrees, our bank balance, our carefully cultivated personas” was addressed by Baron Baptiste in his book “Perfectly Imperfect”.

“It is just important to acknowledge who we are in all our forms and personal expressions, even if sometimes those forms are not how we`d like ourselves to be”[…] “because hiding behind a mask costs us so much and leaves us with so little.” […] “hiding our true self saps out life energy and robs us of the freedom to express ourselves genuinely, from the heart.”

So I would say –
Explore, try, discover and take away what fits for you and make it your own, do not force yourself to fit in everywhere! And do not pretend to be something/someone else.

Step away from giving an immediate stamp to your opposite, you may be surprised what lies beneath the outer layer!

Own your uniqueness – because that is who you truly are! 

Have a lovely day,



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