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Day 9 – blog challenge – Location Independence

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9

Today`s challenge is to think about Location Independence and Location Freedom and what it means to you. Initially we have been asked to “write about how you will balance your adventure and work while you are away on a long holiday.” I twist this task to my life situation as location freedom and independence fit into it.


For some location independence may mean to have a fixed home somewhere and explore freedom from there, knowing that they always have a base to return to. Others need real independence and want to travel whenever they feel for it; having a base may make them feel inflexible and give a lack of freedom.

I am kind of in between, I would not enjoy living out of a suitcase, but I love that we move around and explore different countries and cultures every couple of years. I have a fixed home during that time and do my very best to get us all settled and “at home” as soon as possible. Thinking of having a “real” permanent fixed place to stay somewhere makes me feel a bit queasy – while I am aware that it may (have to) happen one day. But until then I enjoy and embrace my “semi” location independence and freedom.

For me personally I would define a location independence and freedom by being able to (re-) start something more or less easily after a move, no matter where. The past years have been defined by moves every 2.5 years (or shorter) and with three little kids this left me little time to start something besides giving private Yoga sessions and studies. But this time helped me as well to shape my idea and vision of what I want to do. And now with the kids a bit older I feel the urge to experience more freedom and independence for myself -and that it is time to act! Being aware that we may keep moving again, I need to create something that gives me the independence and freedom to do it anywhere and to be able to reach my target group fairly easily.

And even though we decided years back that my husband`s job will ultimately define the location we end up in I still feel a location independence and freedom as it is still up to us to make the choice! Once we move we have the freedom to explore and discover a new country and culture!

Coming back to the set task, I do not feel the need to imagine myself on a holiday to experience location independence and freedom as I feel I do live it already. We already manage to balance adventure and work.  Now, isn`t that a nice realisation on this rainy day!?

How about you, do you prefer the location independence and freedom out of your fixed home or are you living out of a suitcase? Or do you move around every couple of years like us?

Whatever it is – make sure you always take time to balance the adventure and work!

Have a lovely day,


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2 thoughts on “Day 9 – blog challenge – Location Independence”

  1. I’ve done the moving around every few years, that was ok. I think I would like to split my time between two bases, ideally one in NZ and one in Japan as I love both places and then travel to other places. But I think I need a home and my own bed. We always come home from holiday and comment on how happy we are to be back. Funny how everyone is so different.

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