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Final day – Day 10 blog challenge – Celebrating Freedom

Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10

I made it – it is day 10 – the blog challenge is over! On the last day we are asked to write about:

  • What you enjoyed most about your experience of taking part in the blog challenge
  • Your favorite challenge day and why
  • The biggest takeaway you’ve had from it
  • The next step you’re going to take to make your freedom plan a reality

For the past ten days I took time to really ponder about some challenges and myself. I took the courage to write it down and actually press the publish button!

Looking back it was pretty cool to have something to focus on just for myself for consecutive 10 days. No matter what I wanted to do this. And while I at times set out with a different thought directly after reading about the new task and drafted ideas I was surprised by the mindset shift for some challenges when I actually sat down to write the blog. Shows again that it takes time to dig deeper, and what thoughts come up once we stop analysing everything but just let it flow. My favourite challenge must be the Day 4 – Superpower! It was a turning point as I took me fully out of my comfort zone, having not only to really write about myself as a person but as well to reach out to others, asking for feedback. And what did I hesitate to press the publish button that day! It was a challenge indeed!

A big takeaway is to have all my thoughts structured in a few blogs only. I took time to think, rethink and write it all down. It got me focused and confirmed even more that my ideas of At Ease as a blog and locally with Yoga and more – by providing a space where Expatriates can feel “at ease,” with yoga and guided mediated talks to overcome the struggles they face by living overseas – is the right path for me.

It is now time to put the doubts and worries behind! It is easier said than done but I now have this blog to remind me of the why, and that, I can do it!

I realised as well my weak points, especially in regards to staying focused and on the right path when it comes to my own development. And writing them down instead of just thinking about them made me even more aware and focused like what we did on the Day 5 blog challenge – Daily Success Plan.

I guess now it is really time to walk the talk by staying focused, believing in myself, worrying less and to keep on living adventures!

This truly was an adventurous journey, THANK YOU Natalie Sisson let us be part by creating this platform!

And a big “Thank you” to Helen Iwata not only for getting me aware of this challenge but for setting up the private messenger group! I am not sure I would have pulled through without the group, but knowing others are out there doing the same helped tremendously! It is such a diverse group and I am looking forward to meeting you all in person soon!

And last but not least, thank you to my family for supporting me and giving me time to think – as well on the weekend away; thank you to friends for encouragement and reading the blogs, and thank you to the readers that I have never met,  who took time to read and like my posts! This means so much to me!

We will always face ups and downs, life is not always easy but if we reach out to help others and ask for support when needed we can all feel a bit more “at ease”!

Have a lovely day




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