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Swedish Meatballs

It is the second time since school started that I forgot to place the kids` lunch order on time, leaving me with yet another week of home lunches. I usually try to arrange 3 days a week for external lunches, not only to make it a bit easier for myself, but as well to expose the kids to other food.

So while I consider this week`s lunch boxes I think I will add a day with Swedish Meatballs. I am not yet sure of what to add to them, if pasta or perhaps make a nice cold meatballs sandwich – in that case I would have a good dinner schedule for the evening before, too. Thinking about this, that may be the right way to go this week.

Either way, if you are looking for a dinner or something new for your lunch box, give this a try.


Swedish Meatballs


500gr minced beef/pork
250ml milk
75gr breadcrumbs
1 egg, beaten
1 onion, finely chopped
salt and pepper – to flavour
1 teaspoon All Spice (or more depending on your taste)


  • saut√© the chopped onion, cool down
  • soak the breadcrumbs in the milk
  • mix onion, breadcrumbs, egg, spices very well with the minced meat
  • shape small meatballs with two teaspoons (or by hand)
  • fry until well done in a pan with butter

Enjoy either hot or cold, with pasta, potatoes or on bread. Great for picnics, too! Or serve with lingonberry or with salad – endless possibilities!

I love the special flavour coming from the “all spices” in these meatballs and I hope you will too!

Have a lovely day and let`s not get stressed about lunch boxes!
Feel free to share any good lunch box ideas for children, thanks!





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