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I came across this blog challenge by Natalie Sisson via women`s organisation here in Tokyo. It is another way to challenge yourself and to “dig a bit deeper” in some areas over the course of 10 days.

“This challenge is focused on helping you achieve personal, business and physical freedom over 10 days with a short daily blog challenge.” Natalie Sission says.

I am intrigued by the subject, the blog approach and see this as a challenge (not only time wise). But as I often – perhaps too often – look to challenge myself, I signed up and will give this a go! But depending on how the subjects will work into my at ease and more approach, I may add them as normal blogs or create a separate section for the blog challenge, only.

Kick off is today Eastern Standard Time, so here in Tokyo we will be  day behind (unless you prefer to write during the night).

Anybody out there who wants to join on this journey?

In anticipation,
Have a lovely day,


For easier follow up the links per day will be added here:

Day 1 –





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