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Chocolate spread – so good! 


This is something I have never ever considered doing myself, even though my kids used to ask me if it is possible to make chocolate spread at home. I just always thought it would be far too complicated. So when a friend of mine recently posted her home-made Nutella I got super excited and went to buy the ingredients the next day and made it with the kids!

You may now wonder if this homemade spread can compete with the store-bought versions. And I get it, having a chocolate addict in our house I was doubtful if this would work, too. But yes it did! She loves it, and I am more relaxed, knowing it is so much healthier!

Not only is it really easy to make, no you know what is in there and can decide the sweetness yourself! And with the huge amount of nuts, it is full with healthy nutritions! And beside all those health benefits you do something good for the environment, too, as you do not buy a product that includes palm oil.

So – are you as excited as I was when I came across this, then here you go, check the link. It is in Swedish but subtitled in english.

Home-made Nutella 

Homemade chocolate spread all you need is:

400gr hazelnuts
250gr chocolate
0,5dl honey
bit of salt

And if you decide to do this, a few comments on my two recent experiences may help you in the process to receive a satisfying result.

The first try was with almond butter. Hazelnuts are not that easy to come by here and I have a supermarket where I can get plain, fresh almond butter, so I thought I give this a try.

In the video you will see that they keep on processing even though it looks smooth and creamy already. Perhaps we should have done that with the almonds even more. But then again, the almond butter itself is not as creamy as for example the peanut butter, so it may just always end up harder. The taste was nice, obviously different due to the almonds but good. And a great start to this new version of chocolate spread in our house!

The second try was with hazelnuts, making it from scratch, just as the recipe says. And oh is that a good one! Already the smell of the hazelnut cream was just mouthwatering. We processed it extra long due to our previous experience! And then pouring it all together, and finally trying it, hmmm… What can I say – we are in love!

Want to finally be more relaxed when you and/or kids enjoy chocolate spreads? Then try this one! I hope you will say the same as my kids “Oh this is so goooooooood!”

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