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Day 4 blog challenge – Superpowers

imageThis blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

Superpowers, what am I good at, what do I enjoy, looking for my sweet spot?!?! Dear Day 4 Blog Challenge, you surely challenge me here!

I almost dropped out of the blog challenge today as I do not feel comfortable to openly talk (write) about myself like that. But, this blog is supposed to be a challenge, and I said I am up for it! So, it was time to really get out of my comfort zone. And once I made that decision I realised as well that this step is important if I want to create something new!

I need to able to go out and openly tell others what I am good at, they need to see my ‘superpowers’ if I want to succeed (I won’t tell you how hard my heart is beating writing this…).

For today we were asked to think about ourselves and to even ask others how they see me (well as if that step didn’t made me cringe again!). Today was the day to “unlock your superpowers”!

A friend got back saying she actually loves the idea asking for feedback from others, as it is something common on the business field but barely done in our personal life. Looking at it that way, makes me feel a bit more at ease I must admit!

But I will stop babbling now and come to the point of this blog and write about where I see my strengths and what I enjoy:

  • I see myself as somebody who is a ‘do-er’.
  • I like to interact meaningful with and listen to others.
  • And while I am more comfortable behind the spotlight I want to make a positive impact on peoples lives, especially when they struggle.
  • I am somebody who likes to encourage others.

And it seems that is how others perceive me, too. But they had more.  It truly touched me that they took the time to think about where they see my strength and through that play a vital part not only in this challenge but as well for my own mindset!

So it seems I come across as somebody

  • who takes action when needed and ‘walks the talk’ with an open mind
  • who has empathy for people and their situation, with the ability to really listen to and connect with people
  • who is a person with a positive outlook  – some say I like to create harmony (most of the times)
  • who encourages others to do things and to enjoy
  • who picks up others at their lowest point

Having said that, this came back due to the challenge but what touched me in the past weeks and makes me think of my own “superpower”, too, is that I seem to inspire people – as well “younger adults” in the way I live my life and some even see me as a role model. Never did I expect to receive such messages out of the blue!

It seems to be that my “superpower” lies in supporting, enouraging and helping those who struggle.

Perhaps that is what this challenge was about for me, confirming myself that I am on the right path?

Superpower to me right now to go and to actually press publish!

Have a lovely day,


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