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Day 3 blog challenge – My perfect Day

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3


Writing about My Perfect Day is the challenge for today, and it could not have been a better timing, having two sick kids at home! So let me dream and create my perfect day.

It is weekend and I wake up after a long, uninterrupted night sleep in my bed, occupied by only my husband and I. The house is still quiet and I walk downstairs and make myself a nice big, hot cup of Earl Grey tea.The evening before I put the bread machine on timer and the smell of freshly baked bread makes its way through the apartment. It is slightly chilly outside and I take a blanket and my tea and sit on the balcony, in the sun lounger, enjoying the peaceful start of the day, feeling the sun ray in my face. I deeply enjoy this moment, and let my mind wander and adjust to what is to come and embrace tranquillity around me. Just when my tea is about to be finished I hear laughter upstairs and the noise of small footsteps and giggling and laughing  – my husband and the kids are awake and ready to take on the day!

After a cheerful “Good Morning” we all set to prepare the breakfast table. It is full with fresh fruits, still warm bread, boiled eggs for everybody and my husband and I enjoy a cup of freshly brewed Cafe Latte, with freshly grounded beans. Soft relaxing music plays in the background. While we all munch away we make plans for the day. Excited about the planing we all help to clear the breakfast table and get dressed.

We decided to use the beautiful weather – it is sunny but not too hot – to set out and explore some areas of the city by bike. The area we choose is a new upcoming area with small streets and after biking around for a while we find a unique small Japanese restaurant, tugged away behind some big trees. Without any arguments we all settle down, order a lovely set meal. We can smell the freshness of the ingredients and the flavours tingle our tastebuds. It is a simple yet divine lunch!

On the way back home we come across a farmers market and stop. The fruits and vegetables attract us with their vibrant colours and smells. We set out to explore the stalls,  are able to have a taste here and there and embrace the ambiance around us. Next to the market we find a unique and local coffee place and before we make our way home we sit down to soak up more of the atmosphere and enjoy a fantastic Chai tea. With the smell of home cooked cakes around us, we all can`t resist and indulge in some cake, too.

We all share some funny stories while heading home and to avoid the heavier traffic we chose side streets and challenge each other to ride up the hills. Arriving back home, the kids enjoy their bath, and I prepare a quick dinner with homemade pesto pasta and a big bowl of salad, with ingredients from the farmers market. A big bunch of sunflowers – as well from the market – gives a lovely summer feel to the setting. And a glass of deep red wine rounds up an easy and  quick, yet tasty dinner.

It is Saturday and while my husband and the two older kids clear the dinner away I bring the little one to bed. Exhausted from the day out he falls asleep quickly. I come down, put on some candles, the aromatherapy lamp is on and a soothing lavender-citrus mix smell is in the air. The kids decide on a board game, and we sit down to play a round or two of ‘Indigo’. After not being able suppress their yawning any longer, the kids walk upstairs, brush their teeth and come back down, ready for bed and say good-night. And off they are.

Quietness is back in the house and my husband and I get ourselves comfortable on the sofa, with a topped up glass of wine, a good book, soft music and some dark chocolate with fruits and nuts. I enjoy the evening, and feel blessed for having had such a harmonious and fun day out with the family.

Yes, this seems to be a perfect weekend day for me here in Tokyo right now. I initially wanted to beam myself to another area, like to a house at a seaside, where I could envision ourselves to life one day, but for today, I decided to write about a perfect day close to home. And I realised that not that much is missing to create it – not calculating the “small, tiny, minor” factor that a prefect day would always have to depend on the kids’ moods and an uninterrupted night sleep – but one can dream!

Coming to realize “my perfect day”, it seems that tranquility and harmony are some main factors at the moment!

What are yours, why don’t you come and dream with me – draft your perfect day!



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