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Day 5 blog challenge – Daily Success Plan

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

For day 5 in the blog challenge we went more business related, which sounded somewhat easier but finding myself in the middle of things makes it as well more difficult to grab and to structure. We were asked to “Create a daily success plan! What will you do, when will you do it, and how will it get your closer to your dreams?” We were told not to spend too much time on this one, so short and to the point:

With my little one in preschool three days a week those are my main days to focus on. And while I cannot dot it down to the times I will start the following strategies to get closer to my dreams:

  • dedicate 3-4 hrs on those three days on my ‘business’ to-dos (with small breaks in between)
    – this includes exercise, holding Yoga classes, studies and blogging as they all play a role in my plan
  • ensure to have tea/coffee/water/snacks close by
    – this will avoid those cravings that always seem to occur when I just sat down and make me want to leave my `workspace’
  • ensure all clutter around me is cleared
    – being aware the I cannot concentrate knowing the kitchen is a mess for example, this needs to cleaned before I sit down
  • close all distractions like Facebook and emails
    – this will help to focus on the set task
  • on the days when I sense that I will feel too distracted at home, sit in a Coffee Shop
    – not having my things around me works better at times to stay focused

Also, I need to learn to accept that I only have those three days – and occasionally some time at the weekend to really focus on my things!

That means that I need to learn to step back in the afternoons when all kids are at home, or on the full days when the youngest is at home. During those times my “business development”is on halt. I tried to squeeze in my to-dos over the past weeks when they were all around as I felt I didn’t do enough but it usually ended in frustration and irritation on all sides. Nothing was gained but stress.

And at times I need to learn to just accept defeat that the days do not always work out. Kids  get sick, appointments come up, things do happen – and that is ok when you do have a family. It is not a major set back at this point!

And if I feel I lost scheduled time and get frustrated then I will use the evenings to catch up. But this should not be the norm, evenings are as well there to re-energize, spend time relaxing and with the partner and/or friends.

If I manage to really dedicate to those three days, plus occasional evenings and stay really focused during the time I will achieve my goal that brings me closer to my dream over the next few months.

Here is to setting yourself up to reach your dream!

Have a lovely day


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