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Summer time thoughts

Summer is here and many of us may have kids at home for a longer period of time. While it can be tiring at some point – where do they get all their energy from?! – it is as well a valuable time without having to bother about school stuff, long school days and a time to be able to just be.

To just be – not having a full on entertainment but to take time to really slow down, to reconnect. At the same time a time to get bored and to be alone. A lot of us – adults and kids – may struggle with that. After all being alone means to be alone with your thoughts, your mind and feelings.

The normal day to day hectic and chaos keeps us and our mind busy – even though we may say we spend time alone, it often is not really alone as we tend to be ‘alone but busy’. During long holidays, when it all slows down and friends are away that is when we may feel a bit more alone. And it can be scary and worrying at times. But it is a great opportunity, too!

An opportunity to really recharge, to think and reflect, to get creative and productive. 

Use this precious time to be alone and not having to rush! And purposefully stop to always have the need to entertain the kids. For both, adults and kids, it is important to be alone and to get bored! At my kids` school the following is written at one of the stairs:

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.
– Ellen Parr –

Give yourself and your kids space and time to be bored again! Only then you can reconnect with yourself. See where this may lead you and your kids – you may be surprised!

And if you have these long weeks of holidays ahead of you where you will be in charge to entertain your kids and the location and/or weather may not always play towards your favour don’t panic! Here are some great links with all sorts of activities; kids and adults may be well entertained! Thank you “Miss Ellen” for sharing these sources with me! 😉
Simple ways to fill your family’s time with art and creativity!

Welcome to NurtureStore

Creative kids learning

and a source aiming more towards the younger ones

Activities for Toddlers

Activities and craft ideas to keep the toddlers busy

And last but not least – Pinterest obviously has a vast array of ideas, too!

Here you go – to a Happy Summer with lots of time to be bored, entertained, joyful and connected!

Have a lovely summer


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