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Do you like the question “What are your goals for the New Year?” No? Well, you’re in good company, me neither. I prefer and connect more to an intention setting process. 

I like to take time to reflect on the year that passed and play around with ideas, wishes and hopes for the year to come. For this, I solely focus on myself, no outside factors.

Goals vs Intention

Goal- and intention setting are they really different, are they to be seen separate or do they go hand in hand? 

Despite general definitions, I think that especially when it comes to an intention setting, the lines and definitions become a bit blurry and, I would say, very individual and personal.

For me, the intention setting allows me to dig deeper into myself, into my emotions, and feelings. I take time to reflect on where and when I felt well, how I can change or can improve. All this is not based on the hard facts or outside factors. This is based on how I felt and how I think I can feel better in certain areas in my life and/or business. 

The aim is to grow with my intention in the year to come. One could say it’s like planting a seed at the beginning of the year and then see it grow, but purely personally, just for myself. 

However, when it comes to goal settings we are asked to set SMART goals. Meaning the goals have to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-orientated. This is a very focused step and gives a clear direction. As a result, it will be pretty easy to see if you achieved your goal(s) or not. And, goals often depend on other factors, not solely on yourself.

Therefore you might want to say intention settings are softer and come across as weaker. But I dare to challenge that thought! I do believe that setting the right intention is a very powerful step for yourself. Moreover, it can set a path for a better goal setting and achievement! Are you with me on that one? 

What’s next?

So, for the coming year, I do invite you to first set your intention(s) and then, if you really want to, go into the goals. And if you do the goal setting, then try to not lose sight of your intentions!

The intention I set myself for this year (for 2018) was “Fine-tuning Life” and I do believe I managed well in most areas but can improve in others. Perhaps by doing so, I did set a path for the intention to come for next year. I think I can build upon the “fine-tuning”. Certain things got clearer over the year. 

But I’m still working on my intention for the coming year. Something is lingering within me, though. I can’t seem to shake it off anymore, it keeps coming back. But I still have a few days. For now, I will play around and see what I come up with at the end. And once it’s set I will share it with you. 

For now, and for the next days and weeks to come, do allow yourself to listen, to really listen, to yourself. What are your mind and body telling you? How did you feel in 2018? When did you feel well, what situations did make you feel less good? Is something eating on you that you want to improve for yourself?
What intention can you find that suits YOU for 2019? 

A good intention will drive you, it will spark your energy, it will trigger something extra in you. And it might even help you to set SMARTer goals!

30 Quotes for a New Year Intention Setting

Whichever step you take, intentions or goals, I strongly suggest you write them down. It’s simply more powerful and makes them more “real”.

You can place the intention(s) somewhere visible as a nice reminder over the year! Or make a little piece of art out of it, frame it and leave it next to your bedside table or on your desk?

And throughout the year you should take time to reflect on how you feel, did your seed start growing, does it grow in the right direction or do you need to adjust yourself somewhere? 

For now, I am wishing you and your families a relaxed time to let the year 2018 come to an end.

Merry Christmas and that the New Year of 2019 will bring you joy and health ~ wherever you are!

All the very best to you all,


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