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own it

Own it

Life at times is crazy, busy, overwhelming, exciting, fun, challenging, joyful, sad, thrilling, lonely, discouraging, calm… you name it. It’s our life, and we have every right to own it, what do you say?

In my previous post, I wrote about intention settings. I mentioned as well that I was toying around with my 2019 intention. And the phrase that kept sticking with me, it kind of manifested itself over weeks, is “own it”! So that will be my go-to for this year!

For some this “just own it” or like Nike states “just do it” comes naturally, and they wonder what all this is about. But I believe many out there will be able to relate that it’s not always easy. Easily said, yes, but less easily done. Fear, worries, doubts or concerns take over and boom – it all goes down the drain. It’s not (always) easy to own who you are, what you want to do, how you feel, how you think.

Owning it is about accepting both our strengths and weaknesses

Yes, I don’t mean that we should only own the good, we have every damn right to own it when we struggle too. Enough of the faking and brave faces. Be true and honest, make sure you own all aspects in life, the good, the bad, the tough ones. Make sure you own your ideas, dreams, talents, skills, desires and yes as well your fears and worries.

Will there be mistakes? Of course, we all did and will continue making them. But by owning those we can learn. Instead of covering up a mistake, admit it, reflect on it and see what you can improve.

Not everybody will agree, understand or follow your thoughts. And that is fine. There are others out there who will. We are not all the same – be glad about that – how boring would that be, no?! After all, you don’t like everybody or everything out there either. So this goes both ways, sometimes you like something/somebody sometimes not, or the other way around. And I do believe that the truer we manage to stay to ourselves, the closer we get to find and come across the right connections when needed. 

It’s this trying to blend in. That trying to make you something you not really are, that fogs the borders and makes it difficult to really see YOU. And if you are not true to yourself you will not allow others to really connect to you. 

I see myself here, too. Too often am I comparing myself with others, not always standing firm to my ideas and intentions. I talk about and believe in them yes but the follow through is not as strong as it should be. If I am really honest I allow doubts to take over and I wonder too much what others might think. It rattles me, it blocks  me, it holds me back in several areas. And only I can change that. Therefore, this year I will own myself more. 

Pigs seem joyful especially when it’s muddy

Have you noticed that pigs tend to have a joyful expression, kind eyes and a smile? And a pig always seems rather pleased by itself, out there in the mud, all dirty not too fussed about what others think, contend, proud and enjoying the day. Kind of a nice, no? 

What does a pig have to do with all this you might wonder now. You see, with 2019 we’re in the year of the pig as per Chinese Zodiac signs. (The Chinese New Year of the pig will be celebrated as from Feb 5th this year. Here in Japan, where I live, it is the year of the boar (wild pig) and it started as from January 1st.).

So how about doing it similar to the pig? Are you joining me to get muddy, fuss less and to really own it this year? 

Let’s do it together let’s embrace it – enjoy it more – take pride in what we do and be (less) shy about things that speak, and are important to us! 

I would love to hear what you want to own more in the comments.

Here is to the year 2019 and to make it your year, in whatever way that may be. 

Own it for yourself ~ emotionally, physically, spiritually, socially and work-related.

See you back here soon,

Take care


Are you finding life abroad hard these days, and find yourself struggling? I would love to work with you to make sure you get some ease back into your life so that you have a better base to “own it” this year!  

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