Finding Your Ease

More than “just” a rainy day…

Today we have one of those days – non stop rain. But there is a special beauty in nature when the raindrops fall, don`t you agree?


So don’t just put it away as a rainy day instead

  • listen to the soothing sound of the raindrops falling
  • follow the raindrops as they make their path down heavy leaves and flowers
  • watch the circles the raindrops make in the puddles and let it calm your mind
  • observe the small “rivers” the rain creates along the streets and sidewalks
  • smell the clean fresh air
  • notice how the world around you seems to slow down a bit
  • enjoy the special light of candles when it is dark and grey outside

Don’t just put it of as a rainy day and
wait for the sun to shine;
a rainy day can be so much more! 

Have a lovely (rainy) day,





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