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Dare to be bold

be bold

During an evening event us, the audience, were asked to write something that makes us “be bold”.

Now that one had me thinking. I am rather introvert and overthink my steps, worrying about upsetting others. Yet, at the same time I need moments where I make myself uncomfortable, where I try something new – moments when I want to step away from the “ordinary” around me. Is that being bold?

What does to “be bold” actually mean?
In short and as per Wikipedia it means “Go for it”, but I only partly agree to it. Yes, being bold may mean go for it but it does not mean to be careless! Much more the opposite. A good self awareness is a key here. Being bold means that you can judge if you can take the action or if you are too far out of your element. And if you find yourself out of your element yet still want to go for it be bold and reach out to others who can compensate your weakness. Because being bold means as well to approach and ask others for advise and support when you feel stuck. And with this boldness you may actually be able to to help others, too!

But it is as well important to be really honest when you want to be bold. Do not fake something or say something that you later won’t do as this will simply let people mistrust you.

Be bold by going for a change, for some different that you believe in, be adventurous, even if that means going against what others may expect you to do!

And at times to out there and be bold by allowing yourself to be vulnerable! Yes it may be very uncomfortable at times but you may be surprised by the deep connection and support you get!

It is often said that being bold means as well do be confident. I may disagree to that one as to me being bold means at time to fully step out of my comfort zone and this lets me feel anything but confident. Yet, now and then it is important to make this step and to embrace this new feeling of a kind of ‘calculated anxiousness’ or can we say ‘uncomfortable confidence’? At times this even leads to feel inspired! But remember, when you are bold you are as well cautious, calculated, responsible and mindful, you are not being bold if you act careless and reckless!

And to be me being bold is as well something you do for yourself, and not just for others to impress. So, embrace those moments you chose to be bold for yourself, no matter how small the step may seem, be proud when you did something out of the ordinary for you!

Don’ hold back and be bold
to push yourself to be uncomfortable at times!

Writing this had me thinking if there is anything that I would consider as being bold and yes coming to think of it now, I am stepping out there to say that I see myself as being bold for attending events on my own, not knowing anybody. I also signed up for a crazy running event that is fully out of my comfort zone or anything I ever did. Yet, that is something I feel I have to do to step away from the ordinary for a little while. And at times I started to tell ‘my story’, being aware of making myself vulnerable. And last but not least, I am approaching others asking if they can support me to get a step further to creating my business.

Some may say these are small ‘un-bold’ steps but to me, all this is not easy, it makes me uncomfortable and at times I do this with an increased heartbeat, but I feel proud of myself at the same time! And yes, to me this is what being  bold is about! Wow, I am feeling pretty bold right now writing all this…!

Despite being nerve-wracking at times being bold will pay off,

Being bold seems
to give more courage,
to strengthen the believe and trust in what you want to achieve,
helps to connect meaningful with others and
it broadens the horizon and at times
helps to overcome some fears. 

What does to “be bold” mean to you? What step do you want to take today or in the near future to be bold for yourself? Don’t hesitate but “go for it” and feel free to share!

And to all expatriates and repatriates, and all people moving around – you are amazingly bold by taking that step! Keep you head high and be proud for being that bold!

Have a lovely day


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