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Summer time – moving time

Do you notice all the small trucks and the “ritsch-ratsch” sound when you walk down the streets these days? Yes, it summer time and that means a lot of people are on the move again, packing up their belongings into boxes and arriving at new destinations and unpacking them all. It is especially predominant in cities with a lot of expatriates. We surely live in such a city again. It is a bustle of coming and going out there these weeks!

Packing it all up to either move to another country or to return to your home country is often not easy and at times painful. We may regret leaving the country / city we called home behind but most often it is the friendships that are painful to say good-bye to. This special relationship you shared. We are away from our own families and depend even more so on the people around us and in such cases friendships often go deep and personal in a very short timeframe.

Four years ago I posted this image on my private blog and at times like this, when the heart is heavy it is as well important to focus and embrace what privilege we have had:


There is no doubt about it – seeing friends leaving, or leaving yourself is painful but embrace that you met such great people that made your stay loveable!

Having said that, we are all realistic and know that friendships vary. And while every friendship should be cherished they vary in depth and they might not all continue, despite our best intentions. With some the contact may stay on, some more and some less regular. In some cases friendship might fade over time for no special reason, often live just gets in between. Some friendships may even deepen through the distance and continue over the years to come all across the world!

But remember, no matter what, all kinds of friendships whether they stay or fade away are special. The person was important during a special part of your life!

As for us, we moved last autumn, so we are not on the move this time. But this is for all of you out there who are moving or have to say farewell and good-bye to somebody dear!
And for all the people that crossed my path over the years, that I had the privilege of meeting and who are now spread all over the world!

Good friends are like stars.
You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there!
(old saying)

I wish you all a smooth transition, lots of new adventures, enjoy the ride

– and to great friends!


All the best,


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