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Simplify – it’s not that simple, is it?

Ok, I’m almost laughing as I write. And this whole process of writing this blog post just shows me again how much I need this. 

Yes, my seemingly simple word for 2021 isn’t that simple for me!  What’s my word and intention setting for this year you wonder? It’s simple – Simplify. 

Yes, that word has been with me since December. And since then I wanted to sit and write down what it means to me, why I got drawn to that word as an intention by the end of last year.

It seemed easy enough. But what I didn’t expect was to experience such blockage and resistance with this word even though I really embrace it! Such a contradiction, after all I was really excited when I settled on that intention. Yet whenever I wanted to dig deeper and share my thoughts on this I got tangled. I started over-thinking, over-analyzing every single step. I ended up not getting anything sorted, neither in my head nor on paper. Instead of keeping it simple it got all out of proportion and complicated. 

On a plus though, it just shows how much I need this word and that intention, doesn’t it? 

The first three months of the year (almost 4) have passed and neither did I get the “simple” message on paper nor any other post. But looking back, I at least simplified my mindset regarding a few things at home. So, yes I started to simplify here and there. While that might not have been the way I had in mind to start this, it was a start and a step into the right direction. Yes, I’m learning to be kinder to myself here too!

But now, it’s enough. It’s time to take this further. I’ve been pondering too much on this, noticed how I procrastinate instead of moving forward. Perhaps getting it on paper (well, screen) and out of my head will help me in my first big step to really simplify!

Like with most things, we’re all different and what works for one won’t work for the other. The same counts when it comes to simplify. 

But isn’t that as well the great thing about sharing our thoughts and ideas? We can learn from one another, get ideas and perhaps even inspire each other. 

I’m sure I could need help and ideas from others when it comes to simplify. But let me start by sharing my thought and ideas on this. 

Why do I want to simplify? 

Because I’m tired of overthinking, realize how that is holding me back and I hope that it will support my personal growth even further.

By starting to simplify some areas in my life – and head – I believe I will be able to 

  • Create more headspace 
  • Feel freer / lighter
  • Put more ideas out there 
  • Shift focus onto things I can control
  • Stop procrastinating (or at least reduce that area…)
  • Feel more grounded – less annoyed (by myself and others)
  • Feel more confident in some areas

But like so many things in life, knowing something and doing something isn’t the same or easy. So, here’s what comes to my mind when it comes to simplify my approach overall (in no particular order)

  • More doing – less pondering, overthinking
  • Do – Don’t wait for perfect
  • Break it down, small steps
  • You don’t have to do it all at once 
  • Doing something is better than nothing
  • Short and sweet and easy
  • Structure tasks to do
  • Stop comparing
  • Trust your gut feeling
  • Get it out of the head and onto paper 
  • Talk and share with others 
  • Take that first step – don’t think too far ahead
  • Learn from the past
  • Don’t let mistakes hold you back, learn from them

It’s kind of funny that “simplify” gives me such a headache, seeing that I generally focus on the simple things of life in my day to day life. And that works well and brings me joy. Yet, when it comes to my thoughts, ideas and plans that’s when I start to overthink, overanalyse and get all caught up in my head. You have no idea about the head drama that plays there at times. Geeh!

Simple things suddenly get really complicated in my mind. And that tends to leave me feeling stuck and overwhelmed, at times even leading to fear. And that spinning mind of mine simply won’t stop.

So, for now this is a start. It will help to stop that spinning mind of mine. I figured out a few areas and ways of improvement already and I’m sure I will notice along the way that some work out, some not and things will change. But this is ok, that’s life. What counts is that I’ve started and finally got this onto paper.

Have you simplified some area(s) in your life? Can you share it with me to get more ideas on how to approach this intention of mine even better? I would love to hear from you! 

Finding my ease by simplifying areas in my life this year, let’s see how that one continues. 

Thanks for being here with me, 

I hope you are well, wherever you are, 


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