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Advent Calendar

From me to you…

Dear readers,

A bit delayed but from the heart – my virtual advent calendar  for you.

What a year this was and still is. We all experienced and dealt with this year differently. Every country had it’s own way of dealing with it.  Every family went through it and was / is affected by in different ways. And my heart goes out to all who faced a loss during the pandemic, due to others incidents or faced hardships in any kind. I’m sending you all a lot of strength during these difficult times.

At the same time I always find that especially the last month of a year invites us to reflect, slow down and turn more inwards. And I want to reach out to each one of you and send some warm greetings across the globe this Christmas season.

To spread some joy and lightness this season I created a virtual advent calendar (*). Click here to reach the advent calendar and go ahead to open the doors 1-4 already. All other doors will open on the day at midnight your time. I hope you will find some joy by opening the doors the coming days!

Sending you all my warmest wishes, strength and a virtual hug this Christmas season.

May you find your ease during these times,


Advent Calendar

(*no selling, no promotion, no religious content. Simply for the joy of creating and sending this out across the globe.)

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