Finding Your Ease

It’s in the mix!

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Five weeks ago we moved to the other side of the world. And while we do take is slow and easy tensions are building up and the stress factor can be high at times. Every move is hard and add three kids and a country you do not speak the language of into the mix it kind of triples the stress factor now and then. And no matter how much we have been out and about or how tired I am once I put my running shoes on I know I can let of some steam and re-energize. Whereas I do enjoy and definitely need this time to just run and to let go, I meanwhile changed my habits and added yoga into the mix. I have to admit that I neglected or rather misused some yoga poses as pure strengthening poses the past weeks as I ‘just wanted a workout’. But I got back to really connect to the poses and to feel and to breathe into them. It feels even harder and more like a workout now that I add the breathing awareness back to the poses and I benefit by feeling more energized yet balanced, relaxed and at ease after those run-yoga sessions.

This shows me again what positive impact Yoga does have on the physical state as well on your mental one. It can truly be a full body and mind ‘workout’. Just ‘running away’ from stress doesn’t do the trick – it is in the mix and most importantly it is about coming back to yourself, to ground yourself, to be and to breathe!

Can’t wait to get back to teaching again once we are settled! Just love to share this experience with others and to show what Yoga can do to you, your body and mind!

How about you – are you still out there running, walking, doing Yoga and such to keep your body and mind fit?

Have a lovely day, AK



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