Finding Your Ease

Neck pain is a pain in the neck

Pain in the neck can be a pain in the neck! Especially when busy times are ahead, or during summer holidays when kids are at home, or when you planned a nice trip to just enjoy and relax! Any tension or stiffness creeping up in the neck won’t help to feel relaxed, joyful or at ease. So, here some simple massages / movements to relieve any tightness I find helpful, found in “The Body Shop Massage” book.



To add the little something, the little extra ‘feel-good’,  you may want to add some peppermint oil to increase alertness, to fight a headaches, or to cool down during hot summer days, or how about some lavender oil to calm down, to help exhaustion or as a stress relieve? Have a go and try, it is worth it!

Mentioning the oils gives me the idea of a next blog about Essential Oils, so stay tuned and have a lovely day,


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