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Light and Quick – Sugar rolls

Summer holidays started or are about to start. Time is often limited with kids at home and we might have more friends over.  For such occasion easy and quick recipes always come in handy. And this one is easy, quick and very light – just perfect for a warm hot summer’s day!



Sugar Rolls

3 eggs
200ml sugar
200ml flour
2 teasp baking powder
50ml milk or cream

200ml jam

Mix eggs and sugar quick and hard until light and airy (all the sugar should be dissolved and the mixture gets a very light yellow colour).

Mix flour and baking powder and add to mixture, mix into the eggs and add the liquid.

Place a paper baking sheet onto a baking tray and spread the mixture evenly (leave some space towards the sides so that it won’t stick onto the tray).

Bake in the oven on 200 deg C for about 5min (until it just start to turn brown but baked through).

In the meantime take another baking paper and sprinkle it with sugar.

Once the cake is baked turn it directly over onto the sugared baking paper.

Remove the upper layer (the one used for baking) of the baking paper (if it doesn’t come off easily, brush it with very cold water to loosen).

Spread that top of the cake evenly with jam.

Now, to avoid tearing, roll the cake while still warm! Use the sugared baking paper to help the rolling process. You can roll from the long side to have a thinner roll or short side for thicker ones. Place on a plate with the end piece down.

Serve and enjoy!

It is possible to fill it with fresh fruits – eg strawberries and perhaps even mixed with some custard and such BUT it tends to break due to the fluffy cake style. But if it isn’t about the look, it is definitely worth a try to play around with the fillings! 😉


(translated from ICA sju sorters kakor, Sweden)

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