Finding Your Ease

The summer holidays buzz

Would you agree that summertime and Christmas are special times? There is certain buzz in both of them as both are filled with fun, joy and excitement. But they can as well bring tension, stress and exhaustion.

For those living far away from family, summer holidays often mean going home or having family visiting. And while it’s great to see family members, weeks of being away in hotels and/or a guest in other people’s homes, or having guests staying in your home, can take its toll on everybody.

We find ourselves having to juggle and keep our own family happy and entertained in a new setting. Often juggling a jet-lag on top. Added to that are expectations, hopes and wishes from family members and friends that we want (and at times have to) fulfil.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a nice excitement and joy in the air despite it all! But there might come a moment when everything just feels a bit … too much. There is too much “buzzing”. We find ourselves feeling torn between sightseeing, catching up, meeting and mingling with others, while feeling tired, deflated and perhaps simply craving some quiet me- and down-time.

Taking a time-out is not always possible but we have to find a way to deal with the “buzz”. We need to find a breather.

The At Ease Toolbox helps to create small spaces of calmness while sharpening your senses. It gives suggestions on how to get grounded, to connect to the breathing and to use the fives senses of taste, feeling, smell, touch and hearing to create some space for yourself. Whenever you need it and wherever you are.

For a free download simply subscribe here.

To all, I hope you have a lovely summer filled with laughter and joy and that you create happy memories!

All the very best,

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