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Inspiration – What brings that spark?

Where do you find inspiration? And when was the last time you really got inspired and what sparked it? 

Inspiration means “a sudden brilliant idea” and “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially something creative” as stated in various dictionaries.

But what is it that inspires us? 

It can be people, nature, experiences, art, you name it. And what is great – it can hit us at any time. And because you never know when it hits you, I often carry a notebook and a pen with me and have endless pictures on my phone. 

  • The most powerful inspiration to me comes from talking and exchanging ideas and thoughts with others. It’s the doers around me that I admire and who inspire me, especially when share what they do, encourage and support others. Even more so when they are humble about it. 
  • My children often inspire me too, the way they approach life, special situations. How I wish that easiness, lightness will stay with them. 
  • And of course, nature inspires. When I’m out and about and allow myself to simply be in the moment and absorb what is around me. 
  • Other resources that inspire are books, nice quotes, music, art and/or pictures.
  • On other days it’s my workout that inspires, may that be during running,  yoga or a workout in the park.
  • And my daily little moment of inspiration comes when I connect to something ordinary around me for my daily Instagram post. You see, inspiration doesn’t always have to be extraordinary!

Yes, there are endless sources and they are all different but what they all have in common is that we have to open to it. No matter how great the source might be, we need to be open to receive that inspiration.

When I don’t feel a connection to the person opposite, or to any other resource I’ve in front of me nothing will ignite that inspiring spark, no matter what. But to be fair in all this, sometimes it’s my own mindset that blocks me. Tiredness, sleep deprivation, stress, mental exhaustion, overwhelm and anything else in those directions play a factor. They can cause a disconnect even in the most inspiring moments. Then again, there are the moments when inspiration hits you, no matter how bizarre and awkward or unsuitable the situation might be.

But what can inspiration do for us, for our wellbeing?

  • It can motivate us, give us this “feel good” feeling,
  • Inspiration invites us to stretch ourselves into new areas and to be thankful/grateful for that moment.
  • It often asks us to become creative.
  • And depending on how we get inspired and when it comes to us it might invite us to pause, to enjoy that specific moment.
  • It can broaden our point of view as it makes us curious to look deeper into something.

Yes, inspirations are endless and we all get inspired by different things and use them in different ways. So, tell me, how is it for you, what and/or who inspires you? 

I wish you an inspiring day,



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