Finding Your Ease


Winter- or moving-blues?

Winter-or moving-blues? I’m tired at times to read and hear and be told about all the things we need to do, have to do, must do, should do. There are days I just want to put a pillow over my head. I want to scream and be alone. Or stay cuddled up on the couch.

And it didn’t help that we had a crazy second “back to school week” on top of it all. After all the kids only ended up going one day. Facing the 3 day mourning period after the passing of His Majesty Qaboos bin Said Al Said when the city, the country almost came to a standstill, my daughter’s classroom burning out, followed by a rainy-day school closure,  – let’s say yes, it was a crazy week. It was a week that was taken over by unexpected events that left us mainly homebound, and my personal schedule that was nicely planned out had to be all cleared again.

On top of all this, I had some teenage glory experiences with my oldest. Being a teenager, having no routine, no rhythm isn’t easy, is it? Neither on the teenager nor the parent.

Yes, I admit it I’m tired these days. And that is not due to lack of sleep, it’s this deep mental, emotional tiredness. I think I’ve reached my moving dip after 6 months – or is it the winter-blues?! Either way, it’s nothing to fight against, but to accept. It’s part of the journey.

These days when everybody seems to be needing, wanting, asking for a piece of us can be hard, no? But it’s not only the others, after all we tend to put the pressure on ourselves, too. Making sure that we have all the balls in the air, all is organized, available, accessible. Yes, making sure that all runs as smooth as can be.

And all that doesn’t have to do with not loving our family and friends or the life we live. But in some moments we simply (or not so simply) crave more peace of mind than we can get. Yes, this life we live, especially within the first year of a move, asks for an incredible amount of flexibility while there are moments when all we want is stability and/or quietness.

And you know what, it’s ok to take those moments. In fact I would say that is something we “must do”! We “have to” find moments to create and take the time we need to do what is important for just us to regain our energy.

But to be able to do this, we need to first be able to acknowledge and admit (at least to ourselves) that things are getting too much. Sadly, too often, we power through as that is what seems to be expected – by others but as well ourselves. But over longer term that might lead to a melt- and breakdown. So, the earlier we catch ourselves, the better on the long run.

How that “catching ourself” will look like is different for everybody. Nobody can really tell us what he have to, should or must do to come out of this. There is no cookie-cutter solution. But what is important is to listen to ourself to see what we need in the moments when we notice ourself falling, when we feel worn out.

Some might turn to meditation, others do exercise, start cooking or turn to art and crafts. Others create time to go to exhibitions, museums. While somebody else might simply take a book and enjoy a coffee in a coffee shop. Some might crave solitude, others seek connection with others. Others binge-watch, or go to bed early.

If we manage to catch ourselves early, when we go with the waves instead of fighting them, then we can come up easier and faster again. It’s when we push ourselves too long, too hard, don’t want to admit that we need to take a step back when things can get really tough. When it will take longer to get out of it all again.


How does it look for myself when I hit “the blues”? These days I’m going to bed really early (not making friends with my husband here as we don’t spend time togethter, I know…but I need this). My house might get a bit messy, but I can’t (don’t want to?!) do it all at the same time. I read more, I make at least one healthy vitamin drink in the later morning to get some energy. I go for a walk or run. And I focus on one – max two – things that I have and want to do that day to stay on track for myself, but with less pressure. And while I crave solitude, I do make sure to meet up with others I know energize me.

How about you, do you feel the winter- or moving-blues, or general exhaustion these days? What is it that you do to get back on track?

Find your ease wherever you are – as well in the midst of a winter-or moving-blues!


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