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Well-being and the 8 Wellness Pillars 

Wellness and well-being; we speak a lot about those words. Sometimes they speak to us and trigger something good. Sometimes they are overused and become “buzz words” with no attention. And at other times both terms are frowned upon. 

  • What do wellness and well-being actually mean? 
  • Are they both the same or can they be looked upon in different ways? 
  • What can either of them do for you, your body and your mind? 
  • How can you improve your wellness and/or well-being, especially in situations when life seems to drag you down? 

Come and join me to dig deeper! 

Wellness vs Well-Being

I personally distinguish between wellness and well-being, but often they are used in the same way. Perhaps this is just personal preference but well-being to me is more about the emotional state. It is about that feeling of how satisfied, content, happy, healthy or successful we feel.  

And that one does depend a lot on, but is not only limited to, our wellness. Wellness aims to attain an overall good physical and mental health. It’s about practising good habits on a daily basis.

There are different approaches and categories to wellness. Some are called wellness dimensions, wellness wheel or wellness model to name a few. They often vary from an approach looking at four to eight layers. I tend to split wellness into 8 categories and call them the 8 Wellness Pillars:

  • Social
  • Physical (move, exercise, nutrition) 
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual 
  • Spiritual
  • Environmental 
  • Financial
  • Occupational behaviour

and all of them have an impact on our personal well-being. 

In times of stress and hectic life, we tend to forget about (some) of them and that’s when we get off-balance. At other times we feel overwhelmed by “having to do this or that” to feel better, it comes as an additional burden. 

Small steps into Wellness

I want to help you here, as I believe we can incorporate wellness aspects into our daily life with small day-to-day approaches. No matter how hectic life is or where we live. 

When our wellness and/or well-being is off-balance everything around us will feel “off” and harder, too. And then small day-to-day steps come in handy, they are here to help, not to overwhelm.  

If you think that this is something for you then stay tuned! I will cover the 8 Wellness Pillars over the weeks to come. You will receive general information but as well suggestions on how to incorporate them into your daily life. 

In addition to the Wellness Pillars I will keep on posting recipes and thoughts and suggestions, all in my quest to spread a sense of ease!


Come and join me on this journey! 

I will be back soon, and hope you too, 


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