Finding Your Ease


Words – yet nothing to write

Do you have these moments that you really do want to write but don’t find a way to put all that’s in your head in order? The moments when you have words yet nothing to write?

These weeks mess with my head and ideas and thoughts. It’s so much that is happening, yet as well not that much at all. Yes, Covid-19 took over and keeps holding a grip on our lives. But I don’t want to write about it or how I experience it. We have all been in this for several weeks by now (here we are ending week 9). And when I look at others it becomes clear some strive, some stumble, some brake, some get quiet, some find their way. Some (hands up…me!) experience it all in a matter of weeks or days or even hours. 

As somebody wrote recently, we’re NOT in the same boat, we’re in the same storm. Yes, indeed, how we experience the storm, in which pathway of the storm we find ourselves and how our boat holds up is very individual. 

As you will all have experienced the mood and emotions in the household can shift very quickly too. And we need to be more adaptable than ever. But that is not only relevant when it comes to our own household. No, as well the constant changes in the news, local updates on restrictions (or openings) and updates from friends (moving time?!) require a constant adjustment and stretch us up to the limit on some days. While on others, some updates might even leave us feeling warm and fuzzy.

And as I sit here and want to write and connect so many words start to spin around and go into all directions. But I can’t seem to get them in a real order that they make sense. Kind of like the days are these weeks, or? 

So you know what? Let me take a different approach today. Instead of writing a full blog or not writing at all, I will create a word cloud. A word cloud with words, thoughts and things that speak to me these weeks. Yes, instead of sharing my story I invite you to take time for yourself to sit and think about words and thoughts that come to your mind. What stays with you these weeks, what do you feel, experience, do? How about that? Let’s change perspective and get a bit of lightness into all that we experience. After all, writing down what is on your mind tends to make your heart lighter indeed.



Stay well, and I hope you find YOUR ease during these days, wherever you are! 



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